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Why choosing Lagoa da Conceição, Florianópolis to study Portuguese?

The Language Club is located in Florianópolis, a city in the South of Brazil that combines beautiful landscapes with a high quality of life. Not only this is one of the most sought-after cities to live in Brazil, but it is also the perfect place to learn Portuguese. It’s as good as learning a new language gets!

Since 1993, our club has been welcoming students of different nationalities, ages and backgrounds, from university students to executives and diplomats. We also provide both group and individual courses tailored to the needs of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), universities (summer courses) and international organizations.

Our school is renowned for its approach to teaching Portuguese based on a communicative and humanistic methodology. We offer a friendly and multicultural environment, surrounded by nature, where everyone is invited to share experiences and make new friends while developing their new language skills.

The Language Club is located in one of the coolest neighbourhoods of the island: Lagoa da Conceição. This privileged area gets its name from the large lagoon that surrounds it. The region is bordered by dunes and hills and some of the most famous beaches in Florianópolis: Praia Mole, Praia da Joaquina and Praia do Campeche. This is a focal point for sports, namely surfing, sailing, canoeing, wind and kite-surfing, but also hiking, sandboarding and more.

Praia da Joaquina

Lagoa da Conceição is a safe, foreigners-friendly environment, open to all cultural backgrounds. The walking-distance area around The Language Club has a small medic clinic, pharmacies, a post-office, supermarkets, different boutique stores and specialty shops. It also has a number of restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms and coworking spaces.

Ready to pack? Write to us and we will be prepared to help you.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our joyful club!

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