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Portuguese as a
Foreign language

On-site courses

The Language Club (TLC) offers a friendly and multicultural environment where everyone is invited to share experiences and make new friends while learning Portuguese.


The school is renowned for its approach to teaching Portuguese - based on a communicative and humanistic approach. Our class dynamics foster interaction and engage students in real-life situations. In addition, aspects of Brazilian culture are included in the course syllabus.
At TLC, the students can count on committed teachers and staff
, who make sure to address each student’s individual interests and needs. The school has a lovely garden and a break area that offers a pleasant place to study and interact with other students and teachers.

A View of Lagoa da Conceiçao, students posing for a photo, Portuguese students in a cooking class
Long term courses
Government & business


Portuguese one-to-one tuition is offered at any level or for any objective and can be adjusted to the specific needs of the student. Once the level and objective of the student have been evaluated, a course is customized for each student. 

In face-to-face courses, the student can also decide how intensive they  want their course to be: between 1.5 and 6 hours a day one to five days per week.
When designing the course of study, the student’s objectives, interests and learning styles are considered. The flexibility that one-to-one classes offer allows you to enjoy the island while mastering the Portuguese language!

One-on-one lessons: a teacher and his student

General Portuguese

Start dates 

  • July: 1, 15, 23

  • August: 5, 19

  • September: 2, 9, 23, 30

  • October: 7, 14, 28

  • November: 4, 11, 26

  • December: 2, 9, 16​​​


- There are groups of different levels in progress and it is possible to join them. Consult us for guidelines.

- ​​To start on other dates, get in touch with us.

The General Portuguese course at TLC has a course load of 10 hours a week, which allows you to immerse in other activities along with the classes, thus boosting your language acquisition. Classes are from Monday to Thursday making it possible for students to enjoy short trips over the weekends. The school also provides coffee breaks during which you will have the opportunity to taste some typical Brazilian snacks and chat with teachers and classmates.
The General Portuguese course load is 40 hours a month (10 hours a week, 4 classes of 2 ½ hours each); You can enroll from one to several weeks. It is possible to add one-to-one lessons to  the General Portuguese group course to maximize your language learning.
The Language Club adopts a communicative methodology. The courses are very interactive, and students learn grammar and vocabulary in context. Class dynamics make use of simulation activities encouraging students’ language practice.

The course covers the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Aspects of Brazilian culture are also included in the course syllabus.

Students in front of the Portuguese school< a picture they like to have as a remembrance

Long term courses

This is a program for those interested in staying from 12 to 24 weeks in Brazil

Long-term courses allow students to immerse themselves in the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture, aiming at fluency.​

This type of immersion program allows the student to come to Brazil with a student visa. According to Brazilian law, the student must study 15 hours a week to have the right to apply for a student visa.
The school provides the documentation for the student to request a visa from a Brazilian consulate in your country.

Students at the Portuguese school lounge

For over 15 years, we have  worked with students from various countries, including Canada,  USA, UK, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, India, Ireland, China, Denmark, Japan, Germany, and Sweden.. Our immersion programs are designed for the level, needs, requirements, and subject areas requested by the student or responsible party. In these programs, it is possible to include visits to companies, sociocultural programs and meetings with professionals of interest to the student to enhance learning.

For information on prices, please contact us, as course fees depend on language level and workload.

Portuguese students downtown during a fieldtrip

At the school, the student will find a team dedicated and committed to making the immersion program a pleasurable and effective experience in the language development of the student.

For more information, contact us

Government & Business

If you are a government official in your country or work in a foreign organization and are looking for immersion experience in Brazilian Portuguese, The Language Club is a great option!

General portuguese


Portuguese On-site

Package of up to 30 hours

Enrolment fee:
no charge

US$ 30,00 / hour

Package of over 50 hours

Enrolment fee:
no charge

US$ 24,00 / hour

Valores Aulas Particulares


 Portuguese On-site
General Português

1 week 10h

Enrolment fee:
no charge

US$ 170,00

* consult start dates

2 weeks 20h

Enrolment fee:
no charge

US$ 320,00

* consult start dates

  3 weeks 30h

Enrolment fee:
no charge

US$ 460,00

* consult start dates

4 weeks 40h

Enrolment fee:
no charge

US$ 600,00

* consult start dates

Valores General


The drawing of the lovely blue Portuguese school façade.

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