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Brazil by accident…

"… That´s what basically happened to us and we couldn´t be any happier about it! Since happiness is the only thing that doubles when divide, we were eager to share our series of fortunate coincidences with the people of this unique country. However, to fully immerse in the novel experience we lacked an essential skill – speaking Portuguese. And so, again by good luck, we found ourselves here at The Language Club. We definitely couldn’t be any more fortunate."

Anna, the student who wrote the paragraph above, and her boyfriend Mathias are 2 Austrian physicians that came to Brazil in a professional and personal challenge.

Mathias was actually negotiating a month of apprenticeship in his medical area and his Brazilian fellow offered him a year! The couple did not think twice and here they are applying their medical knowledge, learning Portuguese, experiencing Brazil...

And we are happy to be part of it.

Helping people at their personal and professional objectives with regards to the learning of Portuguese and understanding Brazil culture is our job!

Thank you for finding us, Anna & Mathias.

Great students, great doctors, great people!

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