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Reasons to study Portuguese

Many people wonder why people want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. Can you imagine why? Do you think tourists decide to study while on holiday in Florianópolis, for example?

Actually, not! People usually plan a study trip, similarly to the situation of a Brazilian that decides to study English abroad. Prospect students determine the city where they want to learn, the period, and then get in touch with the chosen school to get information about the classes, the course format and prices, and how to enrol.

From our experience, tourists very rarely enrol in a Portuguese program. Instead, people usually study Portuguese because (1) they have or will get a job in Brazil; (2) they will take a post-graduation course in Brazil, often in the areas of agriculture and agribusiness, (3) they have relatives, a boyfriend, a girlfriend in the country or (4) they are in love with Brazil's culture.

Do you know any other usual reasons why? What makes you want to learn Portuguese? Could you share with us?

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